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Beauty treatments

beauty treatments
Beauty Treatments

The truth is that your beauty and your presence leave an indelible impression on the minds of others. You are unique and beautiful in your own way. Consequently, our professional treatments are crafted to encourage your natural beauty to shine through,  as well as being  both enjoyable and uplifting.  Guaranteed to more than surpass your expectations. Free beauty advice is given as part of our service. All ages are welcome.

Skin Analysis
Designed in Europe by dermatologists to look below the surface layer of the skin, SAMM is used at Wealden Health and Beauty to identify signs of ageing or damage that can be corrected with proper skin care. It utilizes fluorescent lights, which are specially designed to permeate the surface layer of the skin to identify lines, wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation and much more, whilst being completely safe and non-invasive.

Consultation includes Skin Analysis, Mini Facial after identifying the correct skin care products suitable for you.

Skin consultation lasting approx 1hr – £45.00

Beautiful skin begins with Grace Cosmetics natural and botanical skincare. Scientifically formulated in Australia, the entire product range is water soluble and contains active ingredients that work longer to deliver superior results. A face and neck treatment that incorporates a deep pore cleanse and the non-surgical face lift mask (specially formulated to tone and tighten the facial muscles) and products that hydrate and nourish the skin.

The Grace Non-Surgical Face Lift Facial – £45.00
Including a relaxing hand and arm massage

Course of 5 treatments (Buy 5 Get 1 Free) – £225.00

Collagen face mask – £45.00

Course of 6 Treatments (Buy 6 Get 1 Free) – £270.00

Grace Deep Cleansing Facial (1/2hr) – £30.00
A face and neck treatment including Aloe Deep Pore cleanse to purify and deep cleanse pores. Grace products are excellent for troubled and problem skin.

Aromatherapy Facial (1hr) – £45.00
With neck, hand and arm massage.

For more information about our facial treatments please go here.

Mens Grooming

Facials (1hr) – £45.00
Full chest or Back wax ( extra charge for upper arms) - £35.00
(Half) Chest or back wax – from £27.00
(Quarter) Upper arms – £14.00

Eye Treatments
Eyebrow wax shaping/tweezing – from £13.00
Eyebrow tinting – £11.00
Eyelash tinting – £15.00 
Eyebrow tinting & shaping – £22.00
Eyelash & eyebrow tinting – £25.00

Permanent Hair Removal

We have a superior technology for permanent hair removal it is an alternative to electrolysis and laser. Epil-Pro is safe for anywhere on the body, there are no needles therefore no scarring or pitting and it is safe for diabetics, epileptics, chemotherapy or radiotherapy patients. This treatment enables large areas to be treated. It also enables a wider range of sensitive areas to be treated on both men and women including the nose, ears, eyebrows, upper lip, chin, chest, smooth moles etc. Epil-pro is quicker, cheaper, and larger areas can be treated in a shorter length of time. This treatment is inexpensive and very affordable.

Eyebrows – fixed £25.00
Lip – fixed £25.00
Chin – approx £20.00

(Minimum charge for treatment – £20.00)

As the price of treatment is dependent on time it is difficult to give an exact price. With subsequent sessions, treatments can be more predictable.

For more information about our Epil-pro hair removal treatment please go here.

Body Treatments

St.Tropez Body Tanning£40.00 


Aromatherapy Massage (1Hr) – £55.00
G5 Machine Massage (1/2 Hr) – £30.00

Special Pamper Packages
Grace luxury facial 1hr, G5 back massage 1/2 Hr , manicure & polish, pedicure, eyebrow shape. (saving £30) – £120.00
Grace facial 1/2 hr, manicure & polish, eyebrow shape (saving £16.05) - £42.95

Hands and Feet Treatment
Manicure & Polish – £28.00
De-luxe Manicure (inc paraffin wax – £35.00
Shape & Polish (1/2 Hr)- £20.00
Classique Pedicure (inc. paraffin wax) – £40.00

Waxing and Sugaring
Full leg £30.00
3/4 Leg - £25.00
Half leg £20.00
Underarm £13.00
Forearm £20.00
Bikini line £13.00
Brazillian £30.00
Hollywood –  £38.00
Full arm £30.00
Full leg & bikini (normally £37.00 or £40.00 if longer treatment needed)  – £37.00 to £40.00
Eyebrows £13.00
Lip or chin £10.00

The wax we use for the above treatments is tea tree wax.
Note: if you have an extreme sensitivity to waxing then ask for a special type of wax that is 100% natural. It is gentle and water soluble, therefore any tiny residues of wax left after waxing can easily be removed with water. An extra£2 charge will be made.

If you would like sugaring then an extra £2 charge is made on the normal waxing treatment price.

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