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Epil-pro hair removal

epil-pro hair removal

Epil-pro  Permanent Hair Removal

At last a real hair removal system designed for both men and women. Just think, no more plucking or shaving those unwanted hairs anymore, get your unwanted hair permanently treated instead.

This new system is called Epil-pro and is a revolutionary, progressive permanent hair removal system based on safe sound energy.

‘Epil’ means epilation – the removal of hair; and ‘Pro’ simply means professional. Epli-pro uses sound waves and static energy to destroy hair at its root, thereby ensuring a safe, painless, fast and permanent result.

It’s a welcome relief for thousands of men or women who suffer from unwanted hair, which can be confidence destroying for some.

“….cleared my entire armpit with Epil-Pro in 20 minutes leaving not a mark nor any irritation.”
- Evening Standard

How Epil-pro Works
Sound waves are transmitted down the hair shaft, disintegrating the papillary cells at the base of the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. Each hair is removed in a fraction of a second.

This new treatment enables large areas to be treated. It also enables a wider range of sensitive areas to be treated on both men and women including the nose, ears, eyebrows, upper lip, chin, legs, chest, smooth moles etc.

You will be delighted to hear that there is absolutely NO risk of Epil-Pro causing burning, scabbing, scarring, pigmentation or pitting, although large areas are treated and completely cleared in each session.

A superior alternative to electrolysis and laser, as demonstrated to us by many of our clients who come to us after being disillusioned and dissatisfied with these forms of hair removal, Epil-pro requires a course of treatments, over which the hair becomes progressively weaker until the re-growth ceases almost completely.

Epil-pro hair removal is inexpensive and very affordable.

Removal of hair by sound is one of the most revolutionary and high-tech form of epilation.”
Telegraph Magazine

Advantages of Epil-pro
Epil-Pro is the superior alternative to conventional electrolysis and has the following advantages:

• Truly non-invasive
• Pain Free
• No burning, no pigmentation
• No pitting, no scarring
• No trauma to the skin
• Safe on diabetics
• Client friendly
• No hit or miss
• Any colour hair can be treated

Epil-pro Compared to Conventional Electrolysis
See below for how it compares to Electrolysis

Conventional Electrolysis

Uses electric currents which generates
 heat or cause a chemical reaction

Real risk of scabbing or permanently
 scarring the skin

Very painful – stinging and
burning sensation

Thins area of hair because adjacent
hair cannot be treated

Slow – each hair has to be held for
between 1 & 60 seconds

Removal from sensitive areas can
be particularly painful

Weekly fixed appointments are

Make-up cannot be applied for
up to 24 hours after treatment


Uses static electric and sound

Non invasive – no risk of damaging the
skin tissue & very safe

Almost painless – no stinging
or burning, no side-effects

Complete clearance of an area
in one treatment

Instantaneous – no holding

All areas of the body can be treated – legs, arms,
breast, face, bikini line, nasal, chest, back

Flexible time intervals between

Make-up can be worn 10 mins after treatment
– no redness or soreness to the skin

We Provide a Safe and Understanding Atmosphere
Please remember we are a very friendly reputable business, and we provide a very safe and understanding atmosphere, and of course, absolute discretion is assured. We look after our clients on a personal one-to-one basis.

Over the many years we have been offering hair removal we have treated hundreds of clients with Epil-pro, so we know how popular and how good the treatment is.

Epil-Pro…designed to relieve the problem of unwanted hair
- Daily Mail

What to Do Next
If you are interested in finding out more about Epil-pro, then can we suggest that you come in for a free initial consultation and demonstration to get first hand experience of how Epil-pro works and how it feels to receive a treatment.

The consultation and demonstration is absolutely FREE and you can ask as many questions as you like. We want to make sure you go away to your full satisfaction so you can make an informed decision.

To be honest, after our demonstration most clients do tend to book in, especially if they have experienced other treatments that are available on the market like conventional electrolysis or laser treatment.

If you decide to go ahead afterwards and have a course of treatments then we charge a minimum £20 per treatment.

Consider the latest, practically painless method for removing hair permanently 
Woman’s Journal

How to Book Your FREE Consultation and Demonstration

For your FREE No obligation consultation and demonstration simply call us on 01342 823440 and we will make an appointment that is convenient for you. 

We definitely look forward to hearing from you and helping you resolve your unwanted hair problem.

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